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Woodruff Park 7pm-8pm
Peacthree Street Parade 8pm-8:40pm
Baker Street | World of Coca-Cola | Pemberton Place 8:40-9:15

Luminocity Atlanta Route Map


4 Responses to “2010 Route Map”

  1. Kathy

    11. Nov, 2010

    So will all the performances at the park be the same as on the along the route then? In other words if we go to the park will we see everything?

    • admin

      15. Nov, 2010

      Yes, you can experience the performances anywhere along the Route

  2. Sowhatees

    22. Nov, 2010

    I will be bringing my niece to this event, this will be her first time in Atlanta and think this is going to be a grand event. Please advise the best way for us to see all of the ACTS, is it recommended to walk with the Procession; and if so how many miles is that. Also Big Boi performance will it be at the end or beginning, what location of the route will be the best to see his performance. We are going to be smarter and take Marta. Any advice to make this experience as delightful as possible would be appreciated.


    • admin

      22. Nov, 2010

      The show begins at 7pm on November 27 in Woodruff Park downtown (near GA State).

      We suggest getting to Woodruff Park early (6pm) in order to park and find a good viewing spot in the park. The show begins at 7pm with a migrating performance all through Woodruff Park (a 50 minute show) featuring Big Boi as part of that performance. You can look for the ushers carrying light ropes to know where to follow the talent through the park. When the show begins, the talent will enter Woodruff Park at the tall gazebo near the Phoenix statue at the south end of the park and the action migrates from there.

      After the 50 minute show in Woodruff Park, we change into a parade procession. We encourage everyone to join in the parade which is just under one mile of flat terrain, with the exception of one steep hill (Baker Street) going down Baker Street to the finale. Although Big Boi will be taking a break ONLY during the parade procession, the full cast along with DJ Heather B are featured in the parade spinning fun dance along tunes so it feels a little like Carnivale (a celebration on the sidewalks!).

      When the procession arrives at Baker Street, the finale takes place at Baker Street/World of Coca-Cola plaza (20 minutes) and will again feature Big Boi reprising some music from Woodruff but also performing a new tune or two.

      The VIP Cast and Crew after party will be held at Ventanas. The full cast will be there in lighted costumes as will be Big Boi. To purchase tickets please visit our website: http://www.luminocityatlanta.com (click VIP After Party).

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