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Luminocity is a powerful, magical, marriage of imagination, innovation, new technologies, green initiatives, cultural expression, and performance that will transcend the human spirit.  In addition to an extraordinary, free to the public cultural gift, when not in show mode, Luminocity is also an organization committed to urban renewal, the elevation of the community and its citizens, and the protection of the Earth we all call home.

Luminocity is a dazzling expression of spectacular lighting and video imagery painting the cityscape in color and pattern, a showcase of technology and green energy, amazing rolling performance stages, enrapturing music of mixed genres, scores of dancers, acrobats, and extreme sports artists in breathtaking illuminated costumes propelling themselves into the night and populating the landscape like creatures from another world.

Luminocity is a mirror of the human spirit and the beauty contained inside each one of us. Young or old, regardless of ethnicity or culture, everyone will revel in this joyful lens of celebration and inspiration while connecting with our community through an exhilarating and fully immersive experience.    In these uncertain times, Luminocity is a much-needed bright place that moves us forward as a city, as a community and as human beings towards realizing our boundless potential.

Civilization is at its best when putting forth highly original, artistic public events.  Luminocity will create an entirely new way for people to experience downtown Atlanta.  It is a giant leap forward for our city…one that will redefine us while the rest of the world takes note.